Learn school administration strategies to create a constructive, efficient, cohesive staff of educators.

Effective leadership in today's world requires more than strategic plans and bottom line budgets.  The Administrative Team must function as a cohesive unit that brings together classrooms, unstructured areas and times, schoolwide needs and administrative support and intervention.

This program is customized to meet the specific needs of administrators.  Practical strategies for creating safe, effective learning communities with the guiding principles of cohesiveness, empathy and loyalty for students and staff is the focus of this presentation.

Building from the key principles of emotional intelligence and real life examples of successful schools, participants will leave this workshop with hundreds of ideas for working with staff, parents, community and students to create a school climate that is trusting, respectful and safe. A highly thought-provoking and interactive seminar for new and veteran administrators.
Components of the Program:

-Creating a Positive School Climate
-Building Resonance Among Staff
-The School Mission and Vision
-Mentoring and Evaluating Teachers
-Successful Classroom Management Plans and Procedures
-Schoolwide Management Plans
-The Adminstrative Discipline Plan
-Comprehensive School Safety Plan
-Dealing with Aggressive, Violent and Confronational Students
-Policies for Intruders, Gangs, Weapons, and Fights
-Parental Involvement
-Conferencing Skills
-Working with the Ineffective Teacher
-Substitute Teacher Program
-Training Paraprofessionals and Playground Aides
-Working Effectively with the Media
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Total Behavior Management workshops are designed for all
school personnel.

Participants walk away
with hundreds of
practical, "best practice" strategies that are easily implemented and based
on current research.

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