As anyone who has done playground duty can attest, recess is not just fun and games anymore. Challenging behaviors, defiance, noncompliance, harassment and bullying create unsafe situations that can affect the physical, emotional and psychological safety of children.  This one of a kind book systematically remedies these issues by providing the format to:

  - Implement a system that solves 100% of your
   discipline problems.
  - Put a stop to bullying and harassment for good!
  - Teach all students how to behave on the
   playground, demonstrate good sportsmanship
   and resolve conflicts.
  - Recognize and teach effective response styles
   that encourage pro-social behavior.
  - Utilize a checklist to assess your playground
   personnel for necessary supervisory skills.
  - Assess your playground for safety issues:
   including policies for visitors, accidents,
   equipment and emergencies

And MANY more ideas!

Complete with all of the information and reproducibles necessary to implement the plan in your school immediately and effectively.
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Buy Books & Materials
The Ultimate Playground Guide:
Solving Common DisciplineProblems K-6.
The most comprehensive, user-friendly book of its kind!
Assessing Behavior in Children:
A Workbook for Solving Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings
Essential for preschool and primary teachers!
All children have behaviors that can be concerning at times. For those of us who work in early childhood settings, we are increasingly finding that the normal antics typical to young children are being replaced by challenging and difficult behaviors that can be, at least, disruptive, and at worst, destructive. Many who working early childhood settings feel ill equipped to handle the behavioral and mental health concerns they are being confronted with today.

By systematically utilizing proven practices, current research and practical strategies, this straightforward manual takes the early childhood educator step by step through the process in solving challenging behaviors. Practical strategies, reproducibles, and user friendly checklists make this manual a MUST for anyone who works with young children.
The Adventures of Indigo
Includes Free Teachers Edition
Join Indigo the bumbling blue balloon as he experiences a coming-of-age adventure intended to be read aloud to your students to generate discussion regarding social skills. This naive and engaging character must adapt to the trials and tribulations of life: loss, natural disaster, adapting to new cultures, learning social skills, making friends, conflict resolution, appreciating diversity, & learning the value of personal goal setting, and sets an example for all youth. The book is appropriate for K-5 students and contains valuable chapter questions to help facilitate discussion with students in examining these issues.
Beautifully illustrated with
watercolor paintings that will
engage the imaginations of
young and old alike.
Dealing with Difficult Parents:
A Survival Guide for Teachers
Pratical exercises & effective tips
Dealing with parents of the students that we teach can be some of the most challenging experiences that teachers face in their jobs.  In this manual you will work through practial exercises and learn, simple effective tips for dealing with all sorts of parents including the demanding, critical, helicopter, and passive aggressive.

A few of the things that you will learn in this practical 100 page manual are:

- Effective response styles to use with all
  types of parents
- The dynamics of conflict
- How to document parent contacts effectively
- Dealing with unscheduled visits to school
- Dealing with persistent, unwarranted
  phone calls from demanding parents
- How to prevent being threatened with legal action
- What to do when accused of wrongdoing
- How to handle a tirade
Successful Strategies for Working with
Challenging Elementary Students
Teachers spend eighty percent of their time with twenty percent of their students! It is the challenging students that get our attention, but many teacher use ineffective strategies with the challenging child that can actually exacerbate misbehaviors unnecessarily.

In this highly sought manual, you will find dozens of strategies for dealing effectively with challenging elementary children.  Included are reproducibles for travel cards, behavior essays, point systems, behavior charts, as well as the best practices for establishing behavior intervention plans and alternative learning environments simply and immediately.

You CAN”T do without this book!
Put a stop to the mystery of children who demonstrate explosive behaviors by using the practical strategies loaded in this easy to read manual!  Children who are sensory-sensitive are not trying to be difficult, disobedient or oppositional. They are desperately trying to make meaning from a bombardment of sensory information that is confusing, exhausting and frightening. How do you as a teacher decipher the difference between behaviors that might be resulting from sensory problems, emotional difficulties, other disorders or just plain willful disobedience? And even if you could tell the difference, what do you DO about it?

This book is easy to read, convenient, practical and loaded with effective strategies that work in all types of classrooms. One hundred ideas for learning center activities, handouts, easy to implement accommodations, and modifications for children with sensory problems so that you can make interventions that are lasting and produce positive change as well as make your work with these kids enjoyable, meaningful and peaceful. Great for PreK-8 classroom teachers, special education teachers, school psychologists, specialists, counselors and educational assistants.
Ideas That Work!
For children with sensory integration disorders
and their difficult behaviors
Proceeds from Kathryn's Ultimate Playground Guide helped to build a playground
for a school in need....

Read more here
For schools and teams trying to make sense of RTI this book is a MUST-HAVE in solving BEHAVIORAL ISSUES from grades k-12.

Using best educational practices, research-driven interventions and programs sanctioned by state and federal agencies your school will have the simplest, most effective process that is easy to implement and completely defensible.

A user friendly workbook with dozens of practical strategies as well as resources online and in print.
Using the Response to Intervention Model for Difficult and Disruptive Students
FREE! Teacher's edition with your purchase of The Adventures of Indigo.
Incentive Packet Pads
A great system for providing positives four times more than reprimands.

Each pad includes 50 green "Way To Go" slips and 13 pink "Oops" tickets.

Single Pad        $3.50
Set of 10 Pads  $30  ($3.00 per pad)
Set of 20 Pads  $50  ($2.50 per pad)
A Smooth Ride
Practical Strategies for Managing
Student Behaviors on the Bus
An informative, illustrated, activity-based workbook that is the ULTIMATE guide for today's bus driver and trainer. Dozens of practical ideas for dealing with minor behaviors, setting up a management plan that is proven to reduce problematic behaviors by 70%.

Strategies for working with more intense behaviors are provided in detail, including:

-behavior cards
-discipline essays
-strategies for dealing with cursing, intimidation,
  bullying, fights and aggressive behaviors.

Also provided are ideas for working with students who have ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and oppositional defiant behaviors.

NO DRIVER or TRAINER should be without this book!   Group discounts rates available
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Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00
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Get off on the right foot this school year with the most practical, time-tested book on the subject of classroom management.  Easy to read, low-prep strategies, forms and tools to make sure you have THE BEST YEAR EVER no matter what grade or subject you teach.
Ideas for easy documentation that can be used for RTI teams, ways of solving minor behaviors, what to do when behavior escalates out of control and everything in between.

Sixty-eight pages PACKED with ready to implement ideas for novice and veteran teachers.  Ideas for managing students with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and oppositional behaviors. Practical techniques for students needing more supervision, how to set up a buddy class system and effective school wide management plans that prevent problems 85% of the time.

Best Year Ever!
Keys to Classroom Management
Price: $15.00
Expanded version of Successful Strategies for Working with Challenging Students, now  to grade 12. Designed Specifically for Educators Working with Students in Grades K-12: Classroom Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Counselors, Instructional Assistants, Program Specialists, School Psychologists, and Administrators with all of these components:

- Dozens of strategies for decreasing disruptive,
  difficult and noncompliant behaviors
- Ideas for helping students own and become
  accountable for their behavior
- How to implement successful, classroom-proven
  ideas to de-escalate problematic situations with
  potentially violent students
- Proven ways to establish a more cooperative
  classroom and build responsibility and self-
  management with all your students
- Techniques for creating individualized behavior
  plans that really work for your special needs’
  students and students with challenging behaviors
- Strategies for developing positive behavioral
  support plans class wide
Practical Solutions for Challenging Students
Grades K-12
Price: $15.00
If you have students who are late, lost and unprepared, this book is for YOU. Teachers of all grade levels and subject matters will relish in the techniques and tools in this book filled which is FILLED with practical ideas. Ideas for helping students to maintain attention, develop study skills and memory, planning for homework assignments, and completion of long term projects.

Other topics with practical ideas for working with time management, work completion, emotional regulation and impulse control.

One hundred fourteen pages PACKED with next-day strategies. Free apps, games, differentiated instruction techniques, and forms ready to copy. If you have one book to buy this year, THIS IS THE ONE!
Teaching Executive Function Skills
Price: $15.00
More than one hundred  practical ways to create the best behavior management system and learningenvironment possible using the time-proven components of ABA.

Developed with the new "millennium" mindset; using technology (iPad® apps and activities), addressing current behavioral issues such as meltdowns, blow-ups, anxiety and anger management, and providing the reader with low-prep, next-day ideas for teaching the components of social-emotional learning.

Practical APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS (ABA) intervention strategies to help you work more successfully with students who exhibit behavior issues in your classroom. 
Simple and Practical Applied Behavior Analysis for Classroom Teachers K-12
Price: $15.00
Special Bundle:
Buy Teaching Executive Function Skills at full price and receive one set of TIPS Cards free! A $21.50 value for $15 (plus shipping).


The Adventures of Indigo

A Smooth Ride

Assessing Behavior in Children

Best Year Ever:
Keys to Classroom Management

Dealing with Difficult Parents

Ideas That Work!

Practical Solutions for
Challenging Students

Simple & Practical Applied Behavior for Classroom Teachers

Successful Strategies for Working with Challenging Elementary Students

Teaching Executive
Function Skills

The Ultimate Playground Guide

Using the Response to Intervention Model for Difficult
and Disruptive Students


Incentive Packet Pads

T.I.P.S. Cards
T.I.P.S. Cards
(Tools and Ideas for Proficiency in School)

Individual set of cards . . .
or get all four sets for just . . .
Buy full or individual sets of cards without the book
plus shipping
Individual set of cards . . .
or get all four sets for just . . .
plus shipping
Special Bundle:
Buy Using the Response to Intervention Model at full price and receive five incentive pads free! A $32.50 value for $15 (plus shipping).
Buy incentive pads without the book
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Do you have students who are inattentive, distractible, impulsive, attention-getting and lack skills in time management, organization, task initiation and socialization? THEN YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

More and more students of all grade levels are demonstrating the characteristics of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. whether or not they are diagnosed with ADHD. Teachers everywhere are looking for practical, easy- to-implement, low prep ideas that work to help these students.

This book is THE MOST comprehensive guide and the only one teachers will ever need! Filled with dozens of simple ideas and strategies, resources and lesson plans.

Increasing Positive Learning Outcomes and Behaviors for your Students with ADHD
Price: $15.00