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Seminars Available
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Using the Response to Intervention Model for Disruptive and Difficult Student Behaviors (Grades K-12)
Ready-to-use and time-tested strategies for each of the three tiers in a RTI model. You will learn dozens of research-based strategies for working with difficult and disruptive students, data collection and documentation systems, and ideas for developing individual behavior plans for the most defiant students.

Outstanding strategies you can use immediately:

- The key components necessary for implementing a successful

- A five-step approach for preventing behaviors, teaching replacement
  and compensation behaviors, and reviewing progress

- Realistic and doable data collection systems that provide the
  needed information for each of the three tiers

- Ideas for reducing bullying, intimidation, gossip, rumor fights, and
  ostracizing that make the school climate unwelcoming for many

- Easy-to-use observation and reporting forms that provide clear,
  accurate and fair documentation

- Data collection ideas for use in developing research-driven
  behavioral interventions for specific behaviors

- Effective tools for assessing behaviors at the school wide, whole
  class and individual levels

- Highly effective techniques to develop plans for students who
  exhibit volatility, poor social skills and explosive behaviors

- Ideas for helping students to become aware of their destructive
  behavior and begin to self-manage

- New resources for creating behavior intervention plans and
  de-escalating problematic behavior using the RTI model
Using the Response to Intervention Model for Disruptive and Difficult Student Behaviors (Grades K-6)
This up-to-date video training program focuses on how to address all levels of student behavior within a well developed, fully implemented Response to Intervention model. Viewers will observe a successful school-wide behavior plan in action and will see practical ways to collect accurate data, engage students in effective interventions, and work collaboratively to significantly reduce behavioral problems from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Viewers learn how to:

- establish and maintain a comprehensive Tier One school-wid
  behavior plan to proactively meet the behavioral needs of most
  elementary students
- use proven Tier One intervention strategies to reduce conflict and
  keep moderate misbehaviors from spiraling out of control

- systematically implement targeted Tier Two interventions that
  address more challenging and disruptive student behaviors

- collect and organize data in ways that facilitate good decision
  making about appropriate behavioral interventions throughout
  the RTI model

- develop effective, individualized Tier Three behavior plans to
  intensify intervention for students with difficult and persistent

Significantly Reduce Playground Discipline Problems (Grades K-6)
This seminar provides you with dozens of innovative techniques and proactive interventions that will make your playground a safe and positive place for students while significantly reducing the number of discipline problems you deal with daily.

You will learn how to establish an effective school wide playground plan, gain support from parents and staff, set expectations, and develop logical and natural consequences. This program offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to strengthen your overall playground environment.

You'll learn how to:

- effectively use dozens of outstanding strategies, activities and
  ideas to reduce playground discipline at your school

- create a safe, positive playground environment

- introduce and maintain a student-run conflict resolution program
  that really works

- use proactive response techniques that keep minor behaviors minor

- use highly effective management techniques to empower students
  to cooperate and act responsibly

Strategies for Working with Parents
in Special Education

Faculty and administrators have enough on their plates without having their time consumed by over-involved parents. How can you overcome this challenge, balancing parental involvement and still keeping the necessary boundaries you need to effectively run your classroom?

Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will learn:

- Strategies to handle parents' frustration & conflict
  in special education

- Ways faculty and staff can increase positive
  parent involvement

- Key principles to proactively determine,
  understand & deal with conflict

- Proven ways to handle difficult parent conversations
  or questions


Key Communication Techniques for Quick Problem Resolution

  - Practical solutions to redirecting difficult conversations

  - Language to avoid during conversations with agitated parents

  - When you should and shouldn't involve a moderator

Handling Today's Parents:
Proven Strategies for Difficult Situations

  - Know what causes parent conflict - And how to stop it
   before it starts

  - Specific conflict resolution strategies for every situation

  - How to create alliance during the main-streaming process

Be Prepared to Plan: Tips to Anticipate Emotional Parents

  - How & when to set boundaries before, during & after conflict

  - Keys to identify and respond to individual "Personality Types"
  - Real life K-12 situations: Examples to avoid painful mistakes

Live Q&A Session: Have your specific Parent-Teacher questions answered by our expert!