How would you like to see...

...all students in your classroom learning effectively to their utmost potential?
...your school become a place of happy, successful learners?
...parents become partners with the school?
...a smooth, orderly transition to all areas in the school?
...the school and class climate be one of safety, productivity and excitement for learning?
Participants of this workshop walk away with hundreds of practical, research-derived classroom management ideas.

Outcomes include: reduction of minor disruptions in the class, increase in student on-task behavior, drastic reduction in office referrals, and available time for instruction, as well as stronger relationships between staff and students. Interactive simulations, demonstrations, and practice sessions interwoven with humor and real life stories provide for an exciting, practical and creative professional development opportunity.

Components of the program:
-Getting Student Buy-In to Classroom Management
-Proactive Planning
-Establishing a Positive Climate in the Classroom
-Creating Successful Classroom Management Systems
-Schoolwide Management Plan
-Tips for the Adminstrator Support System
-Organizational Systems
-Dealing with Disruptive Students
-Redirecting Student's Misbehavior
-Stopping Attention-Getting Misbehaviors
-Reinforcing Positive Behaviors
-Parental Involvement
-Crisis Intervention

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Total Behavior Management workshops are designed for all
school personnel.

Participants walk away
with hundreds of
practical, "best practice" strategies that are easily implemented and based
on current research.

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