Early childhood education today requires teachers to address issues that they may not be informed enough to resolve properly. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states:

"Rather than confronting mental health issues systematically, the nation has sought quick fixes, such as the extensive use of drugs on preschoolers with behavioral problems. Instead changes are needed across the board to focus on distinguishing between kids with serious emotional disorders and those who are simply immature or experiencing short term developmental delays." 

Utilizing proven practices, current research and practical strategies this workshop is essential for all that work in early childhood.


To meet the needs of teachers and care providers of preschoolers, Total Behavior Management offers a unique staff development opportunity in a one-day, interactive, solution-focused workshop that systematically deals with:

1. The continuum of normal preschool behavior

2. Recognizing and identifying potential problem behaviors

3. Help in sorting out "short term developmental delays" immaturity and more serious mental health issues.

4. A formula for determining whether the concern is fundamentally behavioral, social, or emotional in nature.

5. Utilizing social-emotional-behavioral checklists to create interventions

6. Diagnosing the impact of the family situation, the child's developmental progress, and the domain that is being affected by the behavior.

7. Evaluating the behavior in light of known of abuse, loss and trauma on the educational progress

8. Creating proactive response styles to keep minor behaviors minor.

9. Writing and implementing an effect behavior management plan
to target prevention, teaching and monitoring

10. Knowing when, where, and how to refer a child or family to further resources

11. State of the art training manual with checklists, flow charts, processes...
and hundreds of proven interventions and strategies for working with the challenging behaviors of preschoolers.
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Here's what some workshop attendees had to say:

"Now I have the tools for children and behavior! I am very thankful for this training! This workshop provides excellent information for dealing with the parents of my students."
-Head Start Teacher

"I would suggest that every teacher in America and the parents of every child take this behavior management class!"

"I can't express enough how much I enjoyed listening to Kathryn. She has so much knowledge and is skilled at presenting information in an interesting way."
-Teacher's Assistant

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