This workshop provides a creative look at the newest school discipline solutions for educators. An essential presentation for all school personnel who work among children demonstrating challenging behaviors due to trauma, abuse, neglect, loss, prenatal drug effects and emotional disorders.

Participants gain practical solutions for creating a soothing learning environment, developing routines and class schedules that reduce emotional outbursts, direct teaching styles that address learning problem specific to at-risk children and youths.


I. Guiding Principle

II The Learning Needs  of the At-Risk Child
A. Reduced Stimulation
B. Consistency
C. Multi-modality approach

III Creating the Learning Environment
A. Environment 
   1. Distractions
   2. Stimulation
   3. Organization

B. Routine      
   1. Transitions
   2. Subject areas
   3. Visuals
   4. Predictability

C. Direct Instruction    
   1. Multi-modality
   2. Accommodations and modifications
   3. Cooperative Learning, Interactive, Dramatic

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