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The successful executive today can understand and implement conflict resolution strategies. From challenging students to difficult parents to demanding bosses and unreasonable
co-workers, teachers today are under constant stress from conflict and dealing with
difficult people.

This training will provide the participant with an understanding of reactive and hostile response styles that escalate behaviors, proactive ways of dealing with difficult people and many strategies for assertiveness without aggressiveness. Equally important to the training is the skills the participant receives in recognizing his or her own "trigger points" and how to calm oneself in a difficult interaction. This workshop is invaluable for anyone who works with
difficult people.


I. Introduction

II. Difficult People

III. How we create difficult situations
  A. Response Styles    
     1. Hostile
     2. Reactive

IV. Examining Your Emotional Triggers  
  A. Indicators
     1. Physical
     2. Language
     3. Thoughts-Feelings
  B.  Relating to others  

V. Prevention
  A. Proactive      
     1. Five key components
  B. Paradoxical
     1.   Take the energy out the situation
     2. Thinking win-win

VI. How to get someone to do something you want him to do
  A. The message
  B. The delivery 
  C.  Nonverbal communication
  D.  Follow through

VII. Putting it all together

VIII. Conclusion

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Total Behavior Management workshops are designed for all
school personnel.

Participants walk away
with hundreds of
practical, "best practice" strategies that are easily implemented and based
on current research.

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Conflict Resolution