Approximately 10 percent of all students have sustained head injuries that require educators to accommodate their unique learning issues.

This workshop will provide professionals with the understanding of the effects of head injuries with empathy exercise and group activities as well as provide a myriad of ways to deal with the challenging behaviors presented. It is a powerful and thought-provoking session that will positively change the way one deals with these students.  

I. Empathy Exercise
A. Being Head Injured   
1. What did you do?
2. How did you feel?
3. Generalizing to the Head Injured Student

II. Group activity – paradigm shift                    

III. Characteristics of the Head Injured Student
A. Cognitive deficits
B. Language
C. Stimulation
D. Frustration and Tolerance
E. Behavior

IV. Strategies for Intervention           
A. Watching for patterns of behavior
B. Input from everyone
C. Eliminating stimulation
D. Easing Frustration and increasing tolerance levels

V.    Conclusion
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