A fun, interactive, and empathy-building workshop for providers who work with people with “invisible disabilities.”  For the inclusive educational setting, this workshop is an absolute MUST for an entire staff to participate in. Participants leave this workshop with an understanding of what it feels like to experience different hidden disabilities such as auditory processing & perceptual problems, and learning disabilities. Learn a formula for developing easy practical strategies. This has been one of TMB's most popular workshops for ten years running!


I. Introduction
  A. Paradigm, Shift     

II. Language Disorders
  A.. Empathy Exercise - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
     1. What this means to you
     2. Characteristics and Signs
     3. Strategies for working with them        

III. Dyslexia (Reading Disorders)
  A. Empathy Exercise - Poetry Reading
     1. When this will be an issue       
     2. Characteristics and Signs
     3. Strategies  

IV. Attention Deficit Disorder
  A. Empathy Exercise
  1. Characteristics       
  2. Signs of Escalation
  3. Strategies    

V. Written Language Disorders
  A. Empathy Exercise   
     1. How to identify
     2. What to do - strategies for intervention

VI. Head Injuries
  A. Empathy Exercise   
     1. What did you do?
     2. How did you feel?
     3. What signs to watch for
     4. Characteristics
     5. Strategies for intervention       

VII. Learning Log    
  Question and Answer

VIII. Conclusions    

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