This workshop provides focus for special education teachers, care providers and parents of children with special needs. It has an empathy-building component that participants find both thought-provoking and useful.

The emphasis of thie 5 hour seminar is on identifying characteristics of children with different kinds of behavioral, emotional and physical problems as well as strategies to be used at home, school, and in the community. Special emphasis is on children who have been:

-Drug and alcohol affected 
-Suffering from a loss or trauma

Or who demonstrate:

-Conduct disorders
-Emotional disturbances
-Attention deficit disorders
-Behavior disorders

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Total Behavior Management workshops are designed for all
school personnel.

Participants walk away
with hundreds of
practical, "best practice" strategies that are easily implemented and based
on current research.

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"The most informative and thought-provoking workshop I have ever attended."

-Child Protective
Services Caseworker

Special Education
Teacher Training