This workshop combines the proven strategies for working with adult learners with humor, interaction, real life examples, multi-media presentation and the buzz of activity to develop the understanding of the power of nonverbal communication.  Interwoven with current research, this workshop will develop the skills of professionals in all forms of communication.

It's not always what is said, but what ISN'T said that can make the difference.


I.  Intro
  A. The first 60 seconds       
  B. 90% of communication is nonverbal
  C. Impressions and Behaviors

II. Two way street
  A. Sending and receiving    
  B. Paradigm shift

III. Nonverbal Behaviors
  A. Posture      
  B. Facial Expression
  C. Proximity 
  D. Voice
  E. Mannerisms

IV. Becoming an expert at Nonverbal Communication
  A. People watching game
  B. How are you feeling today?     

V. Times of Stress
  A.  Our primitive brain
     1. The emotional- cognitive connections
     2. Our Reactive nature
  B. Fight or Flight
     1. Behaviors
     2. Working with the behaviors you "see"
  3. Reading the cues

VI. Intentional listening  

VII. Closing

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Nonverbal Communication:
How to Read It & Use It Effectively