This unique and timely full-day seminar provides the participant with the practical strategies necessary to respond to the behavior and emotional concerns that arise from children who have sensory integration disorder or other sensitivities, prenatal drug and alcohol alcohol effects, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. Ideas are useful for the general education classroom and the special education settings, as well as home and community.

The newly written book with the corresponding title is filled with practical lesson plans, accommodations, modifications, and ideas for centers that will make the lives of the sensory sensitive child and those around him more peaceful, less traumatic by creating a safe and meaningful learning environment.

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Total Behavior Management workshops are designed for all
school personnel.

Participants walk away
with hundreds of
practical, "best practice" strategies that are easily implemented and based
on current research.

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Ideas that Work for
Children with Sensory Sensitivities
and their Challenging Behaviors!