School bus safety has become an essential discussion topic among teachers, administrators and bus drivers themselves in this era of heavy traffic, poor road conditions, driver distraction. Moreover, drivers today are often faced with transporting challenging and disruptive students, or those who consider the ride home an optimal time to react to pent-up tensions of a school day.

This workshop provides drivers with an understanding of the purpose of student misbehavior, how adults escalate conflict and how to keep minor behaviors minor. Drivers, trainers and transportation personnel leave this workshop with hundreds of proven ways to deal with challenging behaviors.

1. Introduction
a) Audience needs                   

2. Response Styles
a) Reactive         
b) Hostile
c) Proactive       

3. Basic Behavior Management
a) Expectations
b) Enforcement
c) Encouragement

4. Developing a Bus Management Plan           

5. Interventions for Working with
   Challenging and Disruptive Students         

6. Dealing with extreme situations on the bus

7. Conclusion
a) considerations for follow-up
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