1. Introduction  

2. This is YOUR JOB    

3. Task management
  -Implementation Modes  
  -High impact Low resistance
  -Time wasters

4. The LIST 
  -Strategies for Planning for Peak Performance

5. Decision making
  -The Goldilocks theory
  -Your decision making style

6. Delegation Skills
  -Who, what and how       

7. "Central Organization"
  -Classroom and file organization

8. Your Space Style
  -Organizing your area to declutter and maximize your effectiveness

9. Taming the Paper Tiger
  -Handling emails
  -Memos, letters and post it notes

10. Communications with Parents
  -Key Phrases
  -It is okay not to know

11. Effective Meeting Management

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It is the classic conundrum – many of us are too busy to implement time management solutions. But dedicating time to this constructive seminar can help you streamline your work, your staff, and your life!

This is one seminar that should be required for all educators - and the one that will have the greatest impact for years to come! Learn practical strategies, easy to implement ideas and the best tools for your personal style. Fun, engaging, interactive!

Time Management