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What your Colleagues Say
About Kathryn Phillips
"Excellent speaker! Kathryn Phillips captured and kept my attention with great examples and humor. This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. I can actually use the information and suggestions in my class!"
-Laurie Hinchey
Special Education Teacher

"Kathryn's sense of humor, uplifting energy and depth of knowledge was refreshing
and a source of true inspiration. She gave real examples and real tools to make
a real difference."
- William H. Paris III
Comprehensive Youth Development Director

"This seminar was packed full of very practical strategies for working with students with behavior difficulties. The day went very fast because Kathryn was able to describe real-life scenarios and interventions appropriate to my own students."
- Renee Hilliard
Supplemental Services Teacher

"Kathryn is a great presenter. I found her information to be insightful and
user friendly. I can't wait to use the management techniques I learned
today with my class."
- Mariann Stephens

"This seminar was extremely informative. I received tons of ideas that I can easily use in my classroom. I will be happy to share these ideas with the rest of the staff at my school."

- Stephanie Wishart